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We have been involved in the repair and restoration of old timers for over twenty years, the last fifteen years we have been doing this on a professional basis. We use our well-equipped workshop with professional resources. We can carry out a thorough – from head to toe – restoration for you.

We have our own blasting and painting facilities. Loose parts are blasted and sprayed, after which the whole is reassembled. Engines and gearboxes (rotating parts) that are not dismantled are not blasted by us either to prevent leakage after the restoration due to blasting grit left behind, these rotating parts are cleaned in a different way.

Wat doen wij:

Our restorations are not a quick completion of your old timer, we take the time to do everything well and carefully, detail is highly regarded by us.

We also have a lot of contact with the customer during the restoration to show what unforeseen issues we encounter during the restoration, so that you are not faced with surprises. Of course it is very difficult to give an exact price for the restoration. For more information please contact us.

Heeft u een oldtimer tractor die u wilt laten restaureren?

Wij helpen u graag! Naast het verkopen, importeren en transporteren van oldtimer tractors en onderdelen, doen wij ook restauraties.

Carburateurs & ontstekingen

We overhaul carburettors by means of ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning is a method where the carburetor is disassembled and placed in the ultrasonic cleaner. This is filled with a non-chemical liquid. Any brass or copper parts are not affected by this.

Het Ultrasone reinigingsproces

The electrical energy is converted into mechanical vibrations by the ultrasonic transducers mounted under the tank bottom. The cleaning fluid, which is stored in the stainless steel tank, also starts to vibrate. During this process, microscopic vacuum bubbles are formed that collapse (implode). This is called cavitation. This cavitation removes the dirt from any places that can be reached by the cleaning liquid. We also provide the wrapping and overhaul of ignitions.

Coating van een brandstoftank

We import Tank Sealer from America. This is a coating especially for fuel tanks that have a small leak or rust on the inside.

The coating is available separately in a liter can, but can also be applied by us. The tank is then steam cleaned, after which the coating is applied. Please feel free to contact us for a quote.

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