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Container transport

We regularly receive containers with oldtimers and parts, from abroad. These are oldtimers and parts for trade. Look for the current range of ‘Oldtimers’. We can also arrange transport for you.

Are you looking for certain parts or oldtimers, and you cannot find it. We have good contacts in the USA and Canada and can try to look up it for you. If you have an oldtimer or parts in the USA and Canada, we can arrange transportation for you.

We regularly receive containers from abroad with various parts and vintage cars among other cars, tractors and tools. We can load a container in every place in the USA or ensure that your stuff comes to the loading address. We can also ship your car, tractor, motor or loose parts. All containers are professionally charged according to the official requirements and conditions. All vehicles and / or parts are of course secured correctly to prevent damage.

We take care of

– Loading and unloading – Export and import – Customs documents Are you looking for a specific part or oldtimer and cannot you find it? We have good contacts in the USA and Canada and can try to find it for you.

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